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A small step might not seem like much. Choosing to cook a healthy meal at home rather than getting take out. Bringing our reusable grocery bags to the shops one time instead of packing in flimsy plastic bags. Decluttering one drawer in our kitchen. Saying no to one engagement to spend time with friends and family. But the thing is, taking small intentional steps adds up to big changes over time.

This blog, and @the_smallist Instagram, is a collection of small steps we can take to be more intentional in our lives. Broadly it’s around eating healthier (mostly vegetables), having less “things”, creating less waste and slowing down. I also write about these themes on a macro perspective, because I believe change will be the product of both top down (ie policy) and bottom up (ie individual) action.

I don’t always record my setbacks, because they are not as inspiring or interesting as the small wins. But I have setbacks often. I am guilty of buying bottled water and take out food on occasion as well as some groceries in packaging, saying yes to too many engagements and buying “things” that maybe were not quite necessary.

But for every accidental plastic bag, there are many, many more trips to the grocery store that involved reusable bags. And I don’t think we should let the perfect get in the way of the good, or that we should do nothing because we can’t do everything. We should celebrate every step, even if it is small, and when we look back we will see that we truly we have come a long way.

 Try it: At the end of some articles is a “try it” suggestion. Experimenting is a great way to take a small step, to see if we can change a habit or do something a little bit differently. And know that our actions, however small, will add energy, time and momentum to community wide changes that are bigger than us.

the smallist

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